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Lori: Gr8 Health a journey, not a destination

When I came back home to work almost 2 years ago now, it was a major life change.

I was once again around family, who always saw me as “Little Lori.”

I was working a completely different shift. No longer did my alarm go off at 2:30am… (like it had for 15 years), now I could sleep until noon, but I had to learn how to get everything done before 1pm (meetings, hair appointments, grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, Bible Study, personal phone calls, making dinner, etc) …and then get used to not getting home until midnight.

Needless to say, it’s only now that my body is starting to get used to this new clock.

If there was one thing I sacrificed, it was working out. If I had to choose between getting a bit more sleep or working out, for many months, I made the wrong choice. Add to that having been used to eating a meal when I got home, with this schedule, that meant eating at 1am and then going to bed… something terrible for a waistline and digestive system!

I share that to say that I am finally to a point where I’m beginning to put my health first. What does that mean? It means moving more and not eating right before bed! It’s parking farther from the front door. It’s wearing a fit-bit that reminds me when I’ve been sitting too long. It’s drinking more water. And making it a priority to work out at LEAST three times a week.

It’s making the little changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle. One thing I also like to do is to fast during the Lenten season. And one of my favorites is the Daniel Fast ( .

It’s a practice that helps you break free of any unhealthy cravings (and believe me, I’ve got many)! Again, it’s something that is part of an overall journey to be my best. My best energy, my best health, my best spirit.

Sure there are fads that will help you lose weight and look great in 3, 7 even 10 days…but I’ve found easy come, easy go. What my spirit reminds me now is that health, happiness and peace are not things we attain, they are seeds we grow – we may have them in different measure, at different times, but they are ours to keep, nurture, guard and share on this most beautiful journey. Here’s to great health in 2015 and beyond…

Travel well…

– Lori