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Make celebrating race day easier with canned cocktails

Make celebrating race day easier with canned cocktails

Just in time for the Indy 500, Cardinal Spirits announces its newest canned cocktail: Vodka Soda, a well-made classic that has 94 calories and zero sugar!

Adam Quirk, Co-founder, Cardinal Spirits, says beer isn’t your only option for the Indy 500 (or your Indy 500 watching party!) — their Vodka Soda cans make it convenient to bring cocktails to all the outdoor fun you have planned this summer, starting with the Indy 500. 

Make celebrating race day easier with canned cocktails

Here’s more: 
– The 12-ounce, ready-to-drink cans (MSRP $10.99/4-pack, 5% ABV) will retail in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Washington, D.C.
– Made with just two ingredients — clean, smooth vodka and bright, bubbly soda — the idea was to make this crisp, classic cocktail ready for on-the-go adventures like tailgating, boating, barbecues, picnics, the beach — anywhere you want to drink a cocktail, but don’t want to bring the supplies to make it.
– Vodka Soda is the third canned cocktail from Cardinal Spirits. The first two — Bramble Mule and Maui Mule, both riffs on a Moscow Mule — debuted in July 2018 and earned silver medals from the American Distilling Institute in March 2019. The Bramble Mule is a lush and juicy drink made with vodka, real raspberry juice, hibiscus, and ginger. Meanwhile, the Maui Mule is made with vodka, real passion fruit juice, and ginger, and has a tiki twist.

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