Monday’s business headlines

Generic photo of money. (Provided Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic will offer a complimentary upgrade to the oldest person on every flight now through Jan. 1.

Virgin said they were inspired by the tale of a passenger who gave up his first-class seat to an 88-year-old woman on a Virgin flight earlier this month.

Air and cruise

After the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Dorian, tourism is leading the charge to bring desperately needed dollars back to the Bahamas.

The storm pummeled the nation’s northern islands of Grand Bahama and the Abacos, causing $3.4 billion in damage and killing at least 67 people, with almost 300 still missing.

But since then, airlines and cruise lines have restored suspended services and vowed to expand their presence on the islands.


More workers will qualify for overtime in the new year.

An additional 1.3 million workers will be eligible for overtime pay, or one-and-a-half times their hourly rate when they log more than 40 hours in a week, starting Jan.1.

The annual salary threshold-below which nearly all workers qualify for overtime will rise to $35,568 from $23,660.

Box office

As of Sunday, the movies released this year had garnered $11.26 billion domestically.

Current estimates have the year’s final tally as high as $11.4 billion, according to Comscore.

In 2018, the U.S. box office brought in nearly $11.9 billion.