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Man targets Indianapolis violence, homicides through artwork

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Tackling violence through art–an Indianapolis man has been putting his skills to work for the last five years to do just that. Proceeds from his upcoming First Friday art show aim to expand that work.

Art is what keeps Derek Tuder going. But the world around us gives him the inspiration. And that doesn’t always come from the happiest of places.

“Four or five years ago watching Indianapolis crime rates and murders were going on and just going up every year and breaking the records,” said Tuder.

He wanted to leave his mark through art. So he started created and selling art pieces to help fund violence and homicide outreach efforts in Indianapolis. He’s doing it through his independent organization No BOBS.

“No BOBS stands for no black on black slayings, and also no blue on black slayings. And we have another component now which is no BS which stands for nobody slayings of any color,” he said.

The organization has changed a little over the years. However, the trouble with violence in Indianapolis he said hasn’t changed much at all.

“We are one homicide away from tying last year’s rate,” he said. “That hurt me to the core, it broke my heart, it just made me want to work harder.”

He said the diverse pieces of art that’ll be on display at his one-man First Friday show at the Storage Space Art Gallery are just as diverse as the people working every day to end violence.

At his First Friday art show patrons will also see pieces that represent breast cancer awareness and works that depict other marginalized groups.