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United Sikhs helping families of FedEx victims obtain expedited visas

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There’s another layer of stress for Sikh families.

Some are trying to get loved ones from India to the U.S. in time for religious services.

Tragedies like this have a way of seeping into a variety of things. Families are dealing with grief, but may also have to deal with immigration. Getting expedited visas can be a challenge. Then add COVID travel restrictions and things get a little more dicey. United Sikhs, a human rights organization, is reaching out to the U.S. government to help.

“One particular victim’s family called us and said we need help with applying for an expedited visa for one of the sons for one of the victims,” Wanda Sanchez-Day, chief legal officer of United Sikhs, said.

United Sikhs has branches around the U.S. and the world. It’s an international human rights organization that advocates for historically disenfranchised communities. Advocating for the FedEx shooting victims is now part of its work.

The Indiana United Sikhs branch has already reached out to state department and Biden administration advocating for expedited visas. But in the meantime, the organization is providing direct help to Sikh families looking to help get relatives here.

“It’s a tragic situation. But you hope that the family will have an opportunity to start grieving. And that is sort of put on stop while these communities are trying to figure out what do,” Sanchez-Day said.

Typically, visas can be applied for online, but for some already dealing with a stressful situation it can be too complex. When time matters, making in-person consulate visits could help push things along.