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Next ‘champions of diversity’ to be honored at annual ceremony

Champions of Diversity in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Minority Business Magazine is ready to name it’s new “Champions of Diversity“. The magazine honors people and companies who’ve made diversity and inclusion part of their work.

“Indiana Minority Business Magazine, the name speaks for itself so diversity is first and foremost in the magazine,” said the publication’s editor Oseye Boyd.

Boyd said the annual event highlights people and organizations making major moves in pushing diversity and inclusion forward. Sixteen awards will be handed out Friday.

“And not just hired them but include them in the process,” Boyd said. “So actually have them sit at the table be a part of the company, be a part of the culture.”

For 15 years the list of awardees has grown. Back in 2016 Engaging Solutions’ work won them one.

“It’s something that is intentional for us and something we are really passionate about,” said Debbie Wilson with Engaging Solutions.

Engaging Solutions is a business spearheaded by minorities who work with other businesses –mainly building contractors– to specifically help diversify workplaces.

“Hopefully it energizes others in the community,” said Charles Johnson.

Boyd said it’s also important to realize that diversity and inclusion doesn’t always mean racial background. But it should also include people who may have limited or different abilities.

“Diversity and inclusion is not a bad thing, it really is a celebration of all people and isn’t that what America is all about? It’s a melting pot,” said Boyd.

The awards ceremony begins Friday evening at 6:30 at the downtown Marriott hotel.


Carmel church holds drive-thru for Ash Wednesday

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) – For those who may not be able to make it to a church service but still want to take part in Ash Wednesday, one local church provided a solution.

The Carmel United Methodist Church on Rangeline Road had a drive-thru.

Ash Wednesday signifies the start of Lent, which ends with Easter Sunday.

To watch the segment, click on the video.