‘This ain’t Pornhub — this is public transit’: Train confrontation goes viral

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KUCW) – On Tuesday night, a transit worker was captured on camera in a verbal confrontation with four women; the video has gone viral, with headlines nationwide.

Lexi Beckstead and Alyssa Childs were on the FrontRunner train with two other friends.

Two of them decided to use the bathroom together for safety reasons.

“That train is notorious for drugs and homeless people hanging out on the train. And so we’re like hey — we’re going to group up, go to the bathroom together,” said Childs.

Soon after — “They heard this banging and shaking on the door.”

After two separate trips to the bathroom in groups, Childs says she and her friends were approached by Jeremy the UTA train operator.

“Says, if I see one more of your group of friends going into the bathroom at the same time — y’all are getting off at the next stop. This ain’t Pornhub — this is public transit,” said Childs.

UTA says there are no signs that limit the number of people in a bathroom at one time; but, according to spokesperson Carly Arky, one person in the bathroom at a time has always been an unwritten rule.

“There have been incidents of drug abuse, or drug use. Physical abuse, people having sex in the bathrooms — I mean, these things do happen,” said Arky.

“While the operator may have had the best of intentions, and was trying to enforce what is basically an unwritten rule, there is a line. And that’s a line that was crossed,” added Arky.

“It was not our finest hour.”

That employee, identified only as a UTA train operator named Jeremy, is now on paid administrative leave as the incident is investigated.