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Washington Township Avon Fire Department making switch to more environmentally-friendly materials

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — The Washington Township Avon Fire Department is making a first-of-a-kind change for central Indiana. It’s swapping out traditional foam materials used to extinguish fires fueled by accelerants for a more environmentally-friendly version.

Recently, state lawmakers banned the use of such form for training operations.

“It’s been on our radar, but like I said we’re taking it a start further and just not only be a good neighbor with the future training site but most importantly not even give an opportunity to have it on our rigs for runs,” John Shafer, Chief of Training & Safety at the Washington Township Avon Fire Department, said.

The choice is also likely to make work safer for Avon firefighters.  

“You know about dying in a house fire, but we have a much greater chance of contracting cancer… so there’s a wide variety of hazards and obviously we know it was a dangerous job when we signed up for it and we’re here to serve our citizens,” Shafer said.

The Washington Township-Avon Fire Department is the first to make the change in central Indiana. The only other in the state to do so is the Elhart Fire Department.