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Window washers pose as superheroes at children’s hospital

KNOXVILLEm, Tenn. (WATE) – Captain America scaling a building and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man waving at kids while dangling from a rope dozens of feet in the air. It sounds like a scene from Marvel’s latest movie, but it was actually just a Monday at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Sky Clean Window Washers dropped by the hospital to clean windows and comfort sick children. Spider-man, Cat-woman, Captain America and Thor were all there either sliding down the building washing windows or inside keeping children entertained.

Ernest Euleufeld at Sky Clean Window Washers said children regularly watch him wash windows at hospital, but to dress up takes it to a whole new level. “To be in this room with them and when they turn around to see me and they smile, it’s awesome,” he said.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital posted a photo of Spiderman greeting kids through a window, saying “Our kids loved it almost as much as our staff.” The superheroes cleaned windows in three locations throughout the day to make sure children in different parts of the hospital got to see the characters.

Emma Hatcher couldn’t stop grinning after seeing cat-woman. ” I love cat-woman because she’s a cat and I like cats,” said Hatcher.

Patient Alton McCullum had been at the children’s hospital for three days for a spider bite that became infected on his leg. He said it was very exciting to get to see the characters. “They were doing his IVs,” said McCullum’s mother, Grace Conley, “and that is when we told the nurse to make sure it was done in time so he could come down because he was excited to see what was going on.”

Sky Clean Window Washers said the event was so successful and they hope to have the superheroes back next year. “To know that we can get to do this sort of thing for the children as well as our jobs, it makes me look forward to next year,” he said.