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Butler Blue on injured list with torn ligament

Butler Blue on injured list with torn ligament

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Butler Bulldogs athletic mascot has a torn cruciate ligament, the dog’s handler shared on social media on Monday.

The equivalent of athletes’ ACL injuries, the ailment of Butler Blue IV will take some time to heal.

An Instagram post said, “I have a CCL tear (aka doggo ACL) and will be sidelined for a few weeks.”

Prayers and other good wishes were sent via social media from fans and other sports team’s mascots. One poster asked how it happened.

VCA Animal Hospitals’ website says dogs and cats can tear their crandial and caudial cruciate ligaments just as humans do with the ligaments in their knees: Making a quick turn of the joint or putting too much weight on it. Dogs generally tear their caudial cruciate ligaments in the middle joint in their back legs, VCA says.

The bulldog mascot is a common sight at men’s basketball games. The team will host two exhibitions on Oct. 28 and Nov. 1, with its first game of the regular season on Nov. 6 vs. Eastern Michigan at Hinkle Fieldhouse as part of the Big East Opening Night Tip-Off.