NBA: Code of conduct violation led to ejection of 2 Pacers fans from game

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The NBA confirmed Monday that two fans were kicked out of Wednesday night’s Indiana Pacers game against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakes for violating the fan code of conduct.

The information came from Mike Bass, an NBA spokesperson at the league office in New York, in an email to News 8

The league did not answer other questions about what may have been said, who heard it, and who asked that the pair be removed from Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

News 8 found the league’s fan code of conduct lists 10 different expectations for fans, including that players and fans respect and appreciate each other, and guests will enjoy the basketball experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language and obscene gestures.

LeBron pointed out the pair to court officials, but, after the game, he refused to reveal what exactly happened. “Booing opponents and things of that nature or not wanting your opponents to be successful and then there’s moments where it goes outside the line without seeing gestures and words and that shouldn’t be tolerated in our game from nobody,” James said.

On Thursday, a Pacers spokesperson told News 8 that officials made the decision to eject the fans, and Gainbridge Fieldhouse security helped remove the fans from the playing area without any further incident.

On Friday, the NBA also announced it had fined LeBron James $15,000 for his own obscene antics on the court.