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Coolest start to May in more than 10 years

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — If you thought that May was a little cooler than normal, you are correct. It’s the coolest start we’ve seen to May since 2008.

We took a look at the climate data throughout the month of May and found some interesting statistics. First lets take a look at the high temperatures so far this month. Notice many of the boxes are in blue. These are high temperatures that are below normal. There are only a six days where high temperatures were above normal.

The first 19 days so far we’ve had only six days where highs have been at or above 70. That streak is something we haven’t seen since 2008 where we only had five days at or above 70. The warmest was on May 2nd where we had our first 80 temperature of the year. On the 16th we got up to 80 again.

For the month so far our average temperature is 56 degrees which is almost 5 degrees below normal. This makes it the 10th coldest May on record for the first 19 days.

Temperatures will be warming up as we head into the holiday weekend. However we’ll also see several chances of rain. 


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