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Dr. Diane Morales shares her Hispanic heritage

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Special- Doctor Morales Clip

Dr. Diane Morales is originally from Honduras and decided to move to the United States when it was time to complete her medical residency in family medicine. Dr. Morales said she is able to be where she is now because of support from her family.

Dr. Morales knew family medicine was her passion when two doctors from IU Health visited the hospital where she was studying in Honduras. Morales fell in love with being able to help others throughout their different stages in life from prenatal care to elderly care.

Moving to the United States was not an easy decision to make because of all the obstacles Morales would have to face. It look a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Morales currently works at Eskenazi Health not only as a family doctor but she also serves as a faculty professor teaching second and third year medical students.

Serving the community is what Dr. Morales loves doing. Morales is proud to represent the female Hispanic Population. A highlight of her career is when she is working with the Hispanic population and her patients light up when they see her face because they know their won’t be a language barrier. Everyday Morales encourages young individuals to follow their dreams because they are possible.