Signs that you may need a plumber

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Have a high water bill? Low water pressure? These are just TWO signs that you MIGHT need a plumber.

Cathy Stegemoller and Rick Cummings, Steg Plumbing, share the story behind Steg Plumbing and “You might need a plumber if…” 

High water bill- may have a toilet that is running constantly or a small leak somewhere
Low water pressure – may need a booster pump
Gurgling drain lines – may have partial blockage
Shortage of hot water – gas valve or elements might need replaced
Noisy water heater – might have calcium/lime build up
Water Softener not using salt – needs serviced or upgraded
Bad smelling water – might need water filter or Reverse Osmosis
Noisy garbage disposal- partial blockage or may need “silent” disposer.
Frequent use of toilet plunger -might need upgraded toilets
Basement sump pump needs checked annually to prevent failure
Updated basement – might need a back-up sump pump system to protect their furnishings and storage
If you don’t know where your main water shut-off is in your home

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