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Finding Faith: Local artist talks ‘Testimony Service Project’

Finding Faith: Local artist talks Testimony Service Project

Award-winning artist Randy Weston & Judah Band joined us Wednesday morning to discuss the inspiration behind his latest project, “Testimony Service.”

Randy Weston is an MNRK award-winning gospel singer, writer, producer, creative director, and speaker from Indianapolis.

He founded the gospel group Judah Band, which has garnered 5 Stellar Award nominations and a strong fan base, touring internationally.

His journey as a cancer survivor fuels his mission to spread messages of faith through his music.

Weston is also committed to philanthropy, founding the nonprofit organization 19:17 to aid the less fortunate.

Randy Weston’s Testimony Service project serves as a universal catalyst for sharing triumph over trials.

The ideology behind it is that sharing one’s journey of overcoming obstacles can inspire others to have faith in their ability to overcome.

Music becomes the perfect medium for this message, resonating with people from all walks of life.

Take a look at the full interview above to learn more about the story of life, triumph, faith, and overcoming!