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Finding Faith: Mission trip inspires Indiana teacher

In a compelling story of faith and purpose, Susan Thomas, a teacher in Perry Township Schools, embarked on a life-changing journey to the Amazon jungle with Justice and Mercy International. Recovering from COVID-19 in the fall of 2021, Susan felt a divine nudge that propelled her to participate in a mission trip to the Amazon. Alongside 35 other women, she traveled down the Amazon River, immersing herself in the service of remote villages, sleeping in a hammock, and embracing the simplicity of cold river showers.

Upon returning from her transformative experience in the summer of 2022, Susan felt compelled to respond to God’s calling. After fervent prayer, she realized that her mission was to raise funds for the construction of a school in an Amazonian village that lacked educational facilities. Seeking confirmation, Susan attended a women’s conference in St. Louis, where she received an extraordinary sign. A woman from Washington State, who had also been on the boat trip in the Amazon, appeared before her, providing the affirmation she had been seeking. This serendipitous encounter solidified her commitment, and since then, Susan has been working tirelessly with Justice and Mercy Amazon to identify a village, secure a location, and raise the necessary $18,000 for the school. Construction is set to commence in August, marking a significant milestone in Susan’s remarkable journey of faith and compassion.

Susan’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of listening to one’s inner calling and stepping out in faith. Through her dedication and unwavering belief, she is making a tangible impact on the lives of children in an Amazonian village, providing them with an opportunity for education and a brighter future. The upcoming construction of the school stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of one person who, through her journey of recovery and self-discovery, has become an instrument of positive change. Susan’s unwavering faith and unwavering commitment serve as a shining example, reminding us all that small acts of obedience can lead to extraordinary outcomes.