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Indiana Owned: Get diapers and give diapers

Indiana Diaper Bank, a member of Indiana Owned, is making a significant impact in addressing diaper needs in the community. Mel McMahon, Co-Founder of Indiana Owned, and Ashley Burns, President & CEO of the Indiana Diaper Bank, discussed the critical need for diapers, the importance of corporate partners, and the significance of monetary donations.

Indiana Diaper Bank was established in October 2017 with the aim of eliminating diaper need in Indiana and raising awareness about the diaper gap. The organization collects diapers and funds to provide a reliable and sufficient supply of diaper essentials to nonprofit partner organizations, including shelters, daycare programs, and children’s hospitals. Indiana Diaper Bank recognizes that providing families with free diapers not only meets a basic necessity but also has health, social, and economic impacts that contribute to positive outcomes.

To support Indiana Diaper Bank’s mission, there are several ways to get involved. Donations of new and opened packs of disposable diapers, clean cloth diapers, wipes, and creams are accepted at convenient donation locations. Monetary donations are also crucial, as for every diaper purchased at retail, Indiana Diaper Bank can purchase four diapers through its relationships with diaper manufacturers. Additionally, companies have the opportunity to become sponsors and join the fight against diaper needs, supporting families across Indiana. By working together, Indiana Diaper Bank and its supporters strive to ensure that no family is faced with the difficult choice between food, medicine, or diapers.