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5 FedEx employees taken to hospital following chemical spill

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Five FedEx workers were sent to the hospital following a chemical spill at FedEx distribution center on the southwest side, near the Indianapolis International Airport.

The chemical spill initially happened between 1 and 1:30 Tuesday morning. However, authorities weren’t called out to the scene until 3 a.m when workers started to become sick to their stomachs.

A powdery substance known as top resin was spilled on the floor. According to the Decatur Township Fire Department, a forklift was unloading a truck when a one-gallon bag of Topcoat Resin was punctured, ultimately leading to the spill on the floor.

However, as employees started to clean up the substance that’s when they breathed in the chemical and later became ill. Approximately, two hours later the employees began feeling nauseated and reported some vomiting as well.

Authorities say FedEx handled the spill extremely well as their chemical response team was called out.

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