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5th Quarter Lounge concert venue forced to relocate business

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The live concert venue known for its metal and rock shows is being forced to move out of its current location at the end of their lease in late April.

5th Quarter Lounge, a 21 and over venue, posted on their Facebook page on Feb. 16 that the owner of the Southside Turners building sold it to an insurance company.

“I want to ensure you that the 5th was doing great and unfortunately got bought by an insurance company,” the Facebook post said.

A gofundme page has been set up by a friend of the owner of 5th Quarter Lounge in order to raise funds for relocating. The page has a goal of $45,000 and so far, $2,123 has been raised.

“For the first time ever we would ask for all of your support,” the Facebook post said.

Joanna Covarrubias has been to about five shows at 5th Quarter Lounge since it opened in 2014 and said she will contribute to the gofundme page.

“I would rather see them bounce back as quickly as possible rather than having to stress out,” Covarrubias said.

She plans to attend two more shows in March and April before the venue closes.

“It’s really cool that they bring either well-known or lesser-known artists into a community that wouldn’t normally have access to that,” Covarrubias said.

Tyler Winslow has not only attended shows at 5th Quarter Lounge, but he’s also performed with his two metal bands. He is the lead vocalist for Occult Deceiver and Battersea as well as guitarist.

“They’ve [5th Quarter Lounge] always been supportive of our style of music and local bands,” Winslow said. “So you know having somebody else out there on your side is very important because otherwise we’d hardly ever play in Indianapolis.”

Winslow said he will donate to the gofundme page as well because of the venue’s support for him and his music.

“There’s been times where I’ve played there once a month for like half a year,” Winslow said.

The venue will have a farewell party on April 28 and 29. So far 16 bands have signed up to perform between the two shows.

Winslow and his bands will not perform at the farewell party but they are planned to have a couple shows in April at the venue.

Shows that are scheduled past April 22 are cancelled.

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