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Is This Anything?: It’s National Teachers Appreciation Day; Hollywood writers’ strike could affect the future of your favorite show

If you know a teacher who has positively impacted your life, today is the perfect day to celebrate them because it’s “National Teachers Appreciation Day!” First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt advocated “National Teachers Appreciation Day” back in 1953 as a way to honor teachers. Then the National Parent Teachers Association solidified the date by putting the decision to a vote. Later, the NPTA would dedicate the entire first full week of May as “National Teacher Appreciation Week”.

Popular WIBC radio hosts, Hammer and Nigel show their support for the holiday saying “A good teacher is somebody that will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you have a really good teacher, thank them!” The pair left no stone unturned however as they also mentioned the teachers who weren’t necessarily the most encouraging and how, despite their lack of support, Hammer and Nigel grew up to be the outspoken, comedic hosts we know and love today.

Later in the segment, the duo filled us in on the Hollywood writers’ strike that’s in full force as of Monday of this week after contract negotiations failed. The impact is resulting in a halt in the production of several television shows. Hammer and Nigel spoke on the importance of the strike having not only completely shut down productions and what it means for viewers but also pointed out what it means for the crews behind the scenes.

WGA members went on strike for 100 days back in November of 2007 over issues such as writers’ salaries. Late-night shows that depend solely on their writers like “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and “Saturday Night Live” would be hit first. “Back in 2007, Jay Leno actually paid his staff and crew out of his own pocket due to the strike. If their writers go away the shows shut down,” stated Hammer and Nigel.

To learn more about these trending topics, watch the full interview above.