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Is This Anything? Tina Turner and young entrepreneurs

Is This Anything? Hammer and Nigel talk about Tina Turner and nine-year-old entrepreneurs.

The “Queen of Rock and Roll,” Tina Turner has passed away at 83.

The legend rose to stardom following humble beginnings in Tennessee. By the late ’60s and early ’70s, Turner had already produced a string of hits. In 1984, she went multi-platinum following the release of “Private Dancer,” the album that solidified herself into rock and roll history.

Turner was the definition of determination. Not only was she a trailblazer for women in rock and roll, but she never let anything slow her down. She thrived in the music industry across five decades, and many cite her love for her craft as the reason why.

Her cause of death is still unknown, but her inspiration and influence will undoubtably outlive her.

If your dog is poopin’, Brayden is scoopin’.

In Lansing, Michigan, nine-year-old Brayden Jorae is already an entrepreneur!

Looking for a way to earn some money, Brayden noticed that the older members of his community needed assistance with pet care. So, Brayden and his mother, Laura, started Scoop-A-Poo; a dog waste management service. With his mom as his marketing manager, the mother/son duo run a Facebook page. The page’s description? It reads, “I love helping people. I’ll scoop the poo before you say ew! Thank you for supporting me.” 

After prospective clients book an appointment through Facebook, Laura, and Brayden hop in the car. Then, equipped with gloves, a bag-lined bucket, and his scooper, Brayden gets to work!

With a strong work ethic and a motto sure to turn heads, Laura is proud of her son’s kind heart. She also added that Scoop-A-Poo is a great way to teach young Brayden about money management.

“No poops too big, no poops too small — I’m Brayden Jorae and I’ll scoop them all,” Brayden says.