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Moms Demand Action Indiana pushing gun law changes in light of FedEx shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana chapters of Moms Demand Action are calling on state leaders to make changes to gun laws in light of the mass shooting at FedEx that left eight people dead and several others wounded.

Members of the group, which is considered the largest gun violence prevention organization in the country, believe background checks would be critical in the effort to save lives.

All Indiana’s Randall Newsome sat down with Rebecca McCracken, who is one of the members of the movement, to get the group’s perspective on the issue.

The group released the following statement just after the shooting:

Our hearts are with all those in the community devastated by this tragic shooting. Eight people went into their place of work yesterday and had their lives stolen by gun violence, several more were wounded, and an entire community has been forever traumatized. We can’t accept that. Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to make it safe for us to go into work, it’s past time for our leaders to act and protect us from gun violence.

Indianapolis, and our entire country, are grieving today. This is another painful reminder of our nation’s urgent gun violence crisis. The time is now to save lives and end these senseless killings, we need action from our lawmakers.

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Watch the video for the full interview.