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Star-studded cast brings true story to life

(WISH Photo)

On today’s All Indiana, Cody is engaging in a lively conversation with the dynamic duo, Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo. Renowned for his portrayal of the iconic Greek demigod in the television series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” Kevin Sorbo transcends time once again as he teams up with his wife, Sam Sorbo, for their upcoming film “Miracle In The East.” This eagerly anticipated cinematic venture promises to captivate audiences with its riveting narrative set against a backdrop of historical intrigue. As the Sorbos offers a sneak peek into their latest project via Zoom, they delve into the essence of the film, the intricacies of portraying legendary characters, and the enduring charisma of the greatest Greek hero, Hercules.

With their latest endeavor, “Miracle In The East,” Kevin and Sam Sorbo reimagine the age-old tale of Hercules in a manner that resonates with modern sensibilities. The movie, set to grace theaters later this year, weaves together action, mythology, and a touch of the miraculous as it unveils a new chapter in the life of the legendary hero. As Cody skillfully navigates the virtual interview, the Sorbos share insights into their creative partnership, the challenges of reinvigorating mythic narratives, and the underlying messages that drive “Miracle In The East” to be both an enthralling cinematic experience and a contemplation on the timeless nature of heroism.