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Friday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Friday’s business headlines.

Online groceries

More than half of all internet users are expected to buy groceries online this year, according to EMarketer.

The shift is largely driven by shoppers avoiding stories amid the pandemic.

Online grocery shopping is the least penetrated but fastest-growing segment in e-commerce.

Facebook Health

Health information spread by networks on Facebook has been viewed 3.8 billion times over the past year.

According to the nonprofit advocacy group Avaaz, the peak of the misinformation hit in April as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged US cities.

Bank credit cards

U.S. credit-card lenders are beginning to pull back on the business even as consumers keep up with their bills during the coronavirus pandemic.

Total credit on new accounts slumped 8.3% in the second quarter from a year earlier.

So far, consumers have been able to stay on top of their credit-card bills, with the rate of such loans past due by 90 days or longer falling.


News about a COVID-19 vaccine is heating up again as a handful of leading programs move rapidly into a decisive phase.

Biontech and Pfizer says that it appears safer than the previous version.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Johnson & Johnson plans a 60,000 person trial of its COVID-19 vaccine by late next month.

A FDA official said that the agency’s external vaccine-advisory panel plans to meet on Oct.22 to discuss a COVID-19 vaccine.