Indiana looks to capitalize on rise of remote workers

Virginia Bejar, the photographer's partner, strives to work at home while holding her six-month-old daughter Olivia, also the photographer's daughter, during the Covid-19 lockdown on May 11, 2020, in Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Miguel Pereira/Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS (WIBC) — An Indiana nonprofit hopes to help the state capitalize on the work-from-home boom.

More than a third of last year’s college graduates took work-from-home jobs as their first gigs. A majority of those said they accepted less pay to be able to work remotely.

MakeMyMove CEO Mike Rutz calls those workers “geographic free agents,” and says Indiana should be making a push to sign them.

MakeMyMove is putting together what it calls Indiana Remote Start Fellowships, a combination of networking opportunities and a clearinghouse for employers to gather information on best practices. Rutz says if employers have a full picture of what tools remote workers need, they’ll be better able to provide them, and keep Indiana graduates in Indiana.

Rutz says that list of tools starts with opportunities for remote workers to network with each other, but could extend to perks like co-working spaces, local gym memberships or university library privileges.

The program will be open to workers who have been out of college for two years or fewer. Rutz says MakeMyMove will get the program ready to launch over the summer.