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WISH-TV exclusive: What JPMorgan Chase CEO thinks about notion of two Americas

WISH-TV exclusive: What JPMorgan Chase CEO thinks about notion of two Americas

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The government needs to examine its role in the costs of buying a home and a host of other issues that, the leader of the world’s largest bank says, help create the impression of two Americas.

Jamie Dimon, the chairman and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase, this week sat down for an exclusive interview with News 8 Senior Daybreak Anchor Scott Sander.

So, how does the bank leader try to influence change?

“One of the things we do is we try to do our own thing. We also try to fight for policy in Washington, D.C., that we think would be great for America.”

During part of the interview, Dimon said that while most forecasters fully expect interest rates to start dropping this year, he is not as sure.

But does he think Americans are paying too much attention to interest rates, which compared historically are still fairly low? Or are added fees and taxes the real killers of mortgages?

“At some point, the economy is like the weather, and interest rates move around and a whole bunch of different things. But, there are so many things we can fix unrelated to that: inner-city schools; get kids jobs; earned income tax credit; how we deal with mortgages. Immigration; we have to fix immigration.

“If you want to reduce polarization, appeal for a more comfortable country. We’ve got to fix the problems that they read about every single day. Some of those problems are for lower income, some are just generic, like immigration. People don’t want to see that we can’t control our borders.

“There are so many things we can do, it’s amazing. Government should do some. Businesses should do some.

“Obviously, you can’t do it without collaboration between government and business. So when we work in towns like Indianapolis, we have great collaboration. We’ve been here for 180, 190 years. We bank a lot of the companies here.

“When the government asks us to help on a bunch of things, we’re right in, all the time. We want them to work, but collaboration makes a big difference.”

This story was created from a script aired on WISH-TV.