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Clinton hits the road after campaign announcement

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement over the weekend mentioned she’d be “hitting the road” – apparently she meant immediately.

Keeping with the social media theme, Clinton posted a tweet showing her with a family somewhere on her road trip from New York to Iowa.


She’s expected to make more stops along the way, including passing through typical battle ground states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. It’s unclear if Clinton will make a stop in Indiana, but if she does, it would be an extremely rare early appearance for presidential candidates.

Indiana’s primary is early May 2016. Often, by the time Hoosiers hit the polls, candidates for both parties are already decided. Unless, you get an unexpected race like the Obama and Clinton match-up eight years ago.

Any national campaign will have boots on the ground in Indiana. To get on the ballot, Clinton, Rubio and any other candidate will need 500 signatures from each of the nine Indiana congressional districts, due by January 2016.