Company connectivity app gains traction across Indiana


FISHERS, Ind (WISH) – As more people turn to smartphones, a Hamilton County business developed an app to improve employee connectivity that’s taken off across the state.

At some companies, cell phone use might be discouraged, but at Mainstreet in Carmel, it’s the opposite.

The investment firm’s employees are encouraged to use a Mainstreet app.

“We’re always trying to find new ways for our employees to engage with each other, so this one way we can offer them a new benefit,” Mainstreet Chief Administrative Officer, Nicole Bickett said.

The app launched three months ago. Since then, company leaders say more people are checking notices, and communicating better.

“I love that I have one place to go,” Bickett said. “One place to go find out about employees. One place to go to find out about information. We can go to access what’s the company holidays, what are our benefits.”

It’s a concept developed at a Fishers location.

Emplify owner Santiago Jaramillo said the app took his business of three employees to 50. On Wednesday, he also announced it’s being used by 10,000 Hoosier employees.

“We want to be the world leader for mobile employee engagement from right here in Fishers, Indiana,” Jaramillo said. “Want to be the leading provider that helps organizations better engage their employees through mobile.”

Emplify creates company specific apps, right down to the security features.

“Each app is branded with the organization’s logo and branding,” Jaramillo said. “But most importantly, it’s only available to the employees of that organization.”

It costs thousands of dollars a year to maintain, but it’s a piece of technology Mainstreet employees couldn’t live without.

“You’d have to go to the little document to tell you what someone’s phone number is and contact them. It was just a little bit more inconvenient,” Bickett said. “This app just connects us all a little bit better. It’s just the new way of technology.”

The growth of the app is only going to help the business. Right now, it’s looking to hire five people.

If you’re interested in adding a business specific app to your place, click here.

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