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4 murder charges filed in family dispute over stimulus money; survivor seeks death penalty

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Formal charges have been filed against a man accused of killing four people in a dispute over stimulus money.

The surviving victim of the crime, Jeanettrius Moore, told News 8 on Thursday that she plans on pursuing the death penalty.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has filed these charges against Malik Halfacre of Indianapolis: four counts of murder, a count of attempted murder, a count of armed robbery, a count of carrying a handgun with a prior felony conviction, and a count of auto theft.

Investigators say Halfacre shot and killed four people at 253 N. Randolph St. on Saturday night.

It started as an argument between Halfacre and the mother of his child, Jeanettrius Moore, over her stimulus check. Halfacre wanted part of it and Moore said she would not give him the money because she needed it for her two children.

“As a result of that conversation, the person that is accused of these crimes, Mr. Halfacre, actually left the residence and comes back. When he comes back to the residence he is armed with a firearm,” Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said Thursday.

Jeanettrius had told police that Halfacre started to go through her purse to take the money when her brother, Dequan Moore, stepped in. She told police that Halfacre immediately shot him and her cousin, Anthony Johnson. Her 7-year-old daughter, Eve Moore, screamed after the gunshots; Halfacre turned and shot her.

He then proceeded across the hall into Jeanettrius’ mother’s room, Tomeeka Brown, who was on the bed talking to Jeanettrius’ grandmother on the phone. Halfacre shot her then returned to other room where he shot Jeanettius and fired another shot at Johnson.

Investigators report finding blood and bullets in multiple areas of the home.

“It is just incredibly difficult to have to process that scene, to look at those photographs and see what those people had to go through,” the prosecutor said.

For fear of being killed, Jeanettrius told Halfacre to take her to the hospital. Halfacre took her and their 6-month-old child to her car, then went back inside allowing Jeanettrius time to run down the street to a neighbor’s house to call police.

When he realized she was missing Halfacre went to the neighbor’s house to ask if they had seen his girlfriend. He then drove off dropping the child off at his sister’s house before hiding from police in a friend’s attic.

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The victims were identified as Anthony Johnson, 35; Dequan Moore, 23; Eve Moore, 7; and Tomeeka Brown, 44.

A fifth victim, identified by family members as Jeanettrius Moore, survived the shooting and directed police to the Randolph Street residence. She says that Halfacre, her boyfriend and father of her infant child, shot her and the other people in the house, then took off with the child.

The search for the infant triggered an Amber Alert in the early morning hours of Sunday.

The victims were Moore’s mother (Tomeeka Brown), brother (Dequan Moore), daughter (Eve Moore) and cousin (Anthony Johnson).

On Sunday morning, Halfacre’s sister called 911 to report that he had dropped the child off with her before leaving. She says Halfacre admitted to the killings.

Halfacre’s sister told police she had called a friend who had agree to help Halfacre get out of town. Police tracked the friend down, who said Halfacre was hiding in his girlfriend’s house.

An IMPD SWAT team discovered Halfacre in the attic of the house on Sunday afternoon.

In an interview with detectives, police say Halfacre admitted to the murders after arguing with Moore over her stimulus check. Investigators say Halfacre admitted to shooting the victim, taking the money, Moore’s purse and her car before fleeing the scene.

In 2017, News 8 reported that Halfacre had been arrested for shooting a man. Online court records state he took a plea agreement in early 2018 for pointing a firearm while charges of aggravated battery and carrying a handgun without a license were dismissed.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears on Thursday said Halfacre is eligible for the death penalty if convicted.

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