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Delaware Co. extends voting hours at 3 polling locations due to ‘technical difficulties’

DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (WISH) – Tuesday is Election Day.

Voters are making their voices heard on a number of important mayoral, city-county council and county council races.

However, some voters in Delaware County ran into issues when trying to cast their ballots.

According to the Delaware County Clerk’s Office, those registered to vote at three polling locations will be able to vote until 7 p.m. due to technical difficulties.[0]=68.ARAENwCsbBlQ_I6mX9pB5fZQmzoZ_sppYhXqvB02mhzdKJVfwbdCSCslH3znkzPK6Ov_jUTq6XTkW18yrwSnczVX4a4zHFuXMyFhUcVWROHY_QxX573cRdRlKIw7BobP0VugEDYQJcLqgIyCyUcMAZcyyqctkWbkJ8a3o5BAu2zXy07Wf8sZNEI3yeKfUcsgs72rYYISfevBc5nxxa6rGpicSZu4yXxJUlO-S6dGMBdUnrcN0RgzrbLDHBZtmIz5hChned9kaKZ5TImJeJygddYs58_wUJtzmw3YP20ANekaWe_v4v1xyttq0zpQ6HneAYUEBQNwCQaWLwfGH2Q&__tn__=-R