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Pandemic changing consumer media viewing habits

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There are challenges but there is also an opportunity.

Businesses are navigating both as your behavior – the consumer- has been changing since the start of the pandemic. How you enjoy media is a big opportunity.

Nelson Spade, the general manager of Circulus Digital Media, WISH-TV’s digital company, was on Daybreak Thursday.

He discussed how people are viewing television is changing. The pandemic played a big role in this change.

For instance, according to Spade, the pandemic boosted video viewership in 2020 as lockdowns were going into effect.

This accelerated CTV viewership’s rise by more than 40%. Video-on-demand platforms saw the majority of this growth, as viewers accepted more platforms into their lives.

Netflix is still the top platform when it comes to video. However, when it comes to video-on-demand, YouTube takes the top spot, followed by Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney+.

The industry is adapting to CTV. CTV ad spending is up 44% in 2021, according to eMarketer.

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