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Donate school supplies through WISH-TV’s Gr8 Paper Push

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Many kids in central Indiana head back to school Monday, and others will start in the next couple weeks.

According to Teachers’ Treasures, a non-profit in Indianapolis that provides a store for teachers to shop for school supplies, teachers spend on average $800-$1,200 of their own money each year on school supplies for students in need.

Nearly 2,400 teachers participate in the program annually. They pay $25 dollars a year to be able to shop once a month for everything from paper to pencils to books for students.

Teachers’ Treasures is stocked solely on donations.

WISH-TV’s Gr8 Paper Push initiative hopes to help get those shelves full for teachers to help their students.

It’s called the Gr8 Paper Push because the number one item they need this year is paper: from the copy paper you use for worksheets and computer print-outs, to notebooks and loose-leaf, to binders and folders.

You can donate school supplies at any Financial Center First Credit Union from July 27 – Aug. 7 to benefit Teachers’ Treasures.

Here is a list of locations.

If you’d like to get your business involved, you can also sign up for the corporate challenge.

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