Eastern Howard School Corporation closes school Tuesday due to lack of nurses

GREENTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — Eastern Howard School Corporation is closed Tuesday because nurses were not available for the school day.

According to the website, the corporation was not able to get any substitute nurses. After more than 25 percent of their elementary school students were out of school on Jan. 13, their own nurse staff is out sick as well.

A statement from the school provided more details:

With over 200 children out of school on Friday ill, we are uncertain what might happen with children and staff sick, and no medical staff available. We will continue to scrub the facility and plan on having school tomorrow. Thank you for understanding and again, our apologies. We will make this day up on President’s Day.”

In a school release, Superintendent Tracy Caddell explained that the schools had experienced an outbreak of viral gastroenteritis and would be bringing in additional custodial staff to clean all facilities, including the school buses. They also emphasized the school would be educating young students about hand washing.

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