Easy Summer Entertaining:  Ideas that are healthy, simple & delicious


So yummy, so simple!

Registered Dietician Annessa Chumbley is at it again with a Summertime Charcuterie and a Milk & Cookies Bar, using products from Simple Mills. Here’s more:

About Simple Mills: 

Simple Mills uses whole, real food ingredients in all their products, including crackers, cookies, organic frostings, and baking mixes, Simple Mill’s mission is to help consumers make easy, healthful choices, by providing food products with simple ingredients, that both you and your body can recognize.  Simple Mills has their products available in 16,000 + stores nationwide!  You can find their products at Kroger, Meijer, and Whole Foods. 

Creamy White Bean Dip: https://www.simplemills.com/pages/recipes

A2 Milk is delicious, creamy, real cows milk that might be perfect for you if you have stomach discomfort from regular cows’ milk. Regular cows’ milk naturally contains a mix of a1 and a2 protein. But published research suggests that milk without the a1 protein* like this a2 milk, may help some people avoid stomach discomfort. This is 100% cows milk, but it comes from cows that naturally produce ONLY the a2 protein and no A1. Fold it into any recipe that calls for milk, or just pour yourself a glass and enjoy! You can find a2 milk at Kroger and Meijer Supermarket.

Easy Summer Entertaining:  Ideas that are healthy, simple & delicious

Baked Chocolate Chip Bars: https://annessard.com/recipe/baked-pb-oatmeal-bars/

Iced Vanilla Coffee: https://www.a2milk.com/recipes/creamy-iced-vanilla-coffee/

To learn more, visit AnnessaRD.com.


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