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Hamilton Southeastern: Adults must accompany K-8 students at high school sporting events

Hamilton Southeastern: Adults must accompany K-8 students at high school sporting events

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — A Hamilton County school district told parents on Tuesday that its younger students can no longer attend high school athletic events without being accompanied and supervised by adults.

The announcement from Fishers-based Hamilton Southeastern Schools came just after 3 p.m. Tuesday in a message called “K-8 Participation at High School Sporting Events.”

The change is for students in kindergarten through Grade 8. The district has two high schools, Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern.

The change was made due to safety concerns and “an uptick in incidents involving unsupervised K-8 students.” No specific incidents were cited.

“There could be undesirable behaviors, there could be pushing acting as adolescents act, as in playing games running around, so we don’t want anyone to get hurt,” said HSE Chief Operating Officer Jimmie Lake.

Noblesville and Carmel Clay districts in Hamilton County already require children in kindergarten through Grade 8 to attend games only with adult supervision.

The season home opener of Hamilton Southeastern High School’s football team Friday night against Avon will be the first to be affected. The only home football game in the district so far this season was Aug. 18 at Fishers High School.

“We just need more eyes on these students and help with these students because these games as you well know, the population can grow and we only have a certain amount of staff to monitor students,” said Lake.

The announcement says junior high school leaders will inform parents and students about the change. The change also will be announced on the platform that provides electronic tickets.

Parents were told to contact school administrators for more information.

As of Oct. 1, Hamilton Southeastern Schools recorded 21,760 students with the Indiana Department of Education, making it one of Indiana’s five largest school districts.