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Tasty Takeout: It’s Prime time at Prime 47

Tasty Takeout: Prime 47

Chef Ryan joined us Tuesday afternoon on All Indiana to talk about Prime 47’s menu offerings!

Take a look at the full interview above to learn more information, and don’t forget to visit the Prime 47 website!

About Prime 47

Prime 47 Indy’s Steakhouse isn’t your ordinary spot to grab a bite.

It’s more like stepping into a world where dining becomes an unforgettable journey.

Here, the atmosphere itself elevates your meal into an event, making every visit a special occasion.

At Prime 47, the food is the star of the show. Whether it’s their steaks, seafood, or desserts, each plate is a masterpiece, crafted with precision and care.

Every bite tantalizes the taste buds, leaving you yearning for just one more taste.

And it’s not just the food that’s top-notch; the entire experience, from the classy décor to the impeccable service, is geared towards making your time there something to remember.