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BSN Sports partners with Nike to support body confident coaching

BSN Sports partners with Nike and Dove

Nike and SURGE by BSN SPORTS have joined forces with leading experts Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs and Dr. Nicole LaVoi to delve into the transformative potential of body-confident coaching for girls in sports.

By fostering an environment where young athletes feel comfortable and empowered in their bodies, this approach aims to not only retain girls in sports but also equip them with lifelong confidence.

They joined us today to explore how body confidence intersects with athletic participation and overall well-being.

Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs, from the Centre for Appearance Research, brings valuable insights into the psychological aspects of body image and its impact on sports engagement.

Dr. Nicole LaVoi, coming from the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, offers expertise on gender dynamics within athletic contexts and strategies for promoting inclusivity and empowerment.

Their conversation highlights practical strategies and best practices for coaches, educators, and parents alike to cultivate a positive sporting environment conducive to the flourishing of girls’ confidence.

By emphasizing body positivity and self-acceptance, these discussions aspire to break down barriers and create pathways for girls to thrive in sports while nurturing their self-esteem.

Susan Riley, the Senior Director of Brand Marketing at BSN Sports, provided a comprehensive recap of the key insights and takeaways.

Additionally, she offered a forward-looking perspective on the evolving landscape of women in sports, highlighting the initiatives and advancements aimed at furthering gender equality and empowerment within athletic spheres.

Through collaborative efforts and informed discourse, Nike, SURGE by BSN SPORTS, and experts like Dr. Diedrichs and Dr. LaVoi are championing a vision where every girl feels valued, supported, and inspired to pursue her athletic dreams with confidence.