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The Morning Bell: Pike Township highlights high school success

Morning Bell: Pike High School prepares students for careers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Every month, WISH-TV highlights a local school district with “The Morning Bell,” a conversation focused on new or exciting programs and accomplishments within Indiana schools.

On Monday, Jeremy Wolley, the principal of Pike High School, joined Daybreak to discuss programs that set Pike Township students up for success.

“Pike High School has a ridiculously diverse environment,” Wolley explained. “We’ve got over 60 languages represented in our school and it really creates a cultural melting pot for us.

“When students come into the building, they have a couple of different options in terms of the educational track that they’ll go to. You can essentially choose whatever you’d like. You can choose from 28 different advanced placement courses. You have an opportunity to go to the IB program, which is incredibly rigorous or you can choose a general education track,” Wolley said.

Students also have the option to explore the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs.

“We’ve got 23 different opportunities for CTE growth, different career pathways that you can pick from. Of those 23, 13 you can actually get an industry-recognized certification,” Wolley said. “Now, what that means is you can actually get learning on the job in the classroom at the same time, and be in a position to be competitive when you graduate from high school.”

Wolley says that a traditional cosmetology department program can cost around $40,000, but Pike Township students can attend their program for free.

The district is also focused on extracurriculars, with many opportunities in sports and musical theatre.

“We’ve got over 100 different clubs and organizations for students to pick from. In addition to that, we’re really excited about our performing arts department. We were recently awarded the tops in music education award,” Wolley said.

Wolley also shared his special connection to the district as a Pike High School graduate.

Watch the full interview in the link above to hear his special connection to the district.