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Kid-ing with Kayla: Why May is “mayhem” for parents

Kid-ing with Kayla: Parents entering the month of May beware, it’s a busy time of year! Between end of the year awards, sporting events, recitals, graduations, school projects and parties, you’re not likely to have any free time. Oh, and don’t forget those end of the school year teacher gifts!

The Holderness Family on TikTok calls this month “Maycember” referring to the hustle and bustle of December in May.


Busy like Christmas but we’re still in May 🎶 #parody #parenting

♬ original sound – The Holderness Fam

Last year, I called this month May Mayhem in a TikTok asking parents if they have “had their May mental breakdown yet?”

Hoping this time around, I’ll be better prepared! What are your May plans? Tell us on Facebook!