Firefighters give safe tips to keep warm in cold weather

Firefighters give safe tips to keep warm in cold weather

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — The cold is coming and local firefighters are urging people to be careful about how they warm up. From now until February, more than 40% of fatal fires happen around the country.

Firefighters in central Indiana say during this time of year they see an uptick in fire runs and many times they are instances that could have been prevented.

A perfect example is a fire that happened Saturday at Lugar Towers. An apartment caught fire after a candle sitting on a table lit a jacket on fire that was hanging on the back of a chair.

But it’s not just candles that are causing fires during colder months.

Many of the fires are electrical.

Firefighters say they often go on runs for over loaded outlets that spark and cause a fire. Space heaters can also cause issues if they are not placed in a safe place and turned off when the room is unattended.

“We have grown up, probably your whole life you have used either your fire place or you have had space heaters and nothing has happened, until it does happen and that is the problem,” Carmel firefigher Tim Griffin said.

Officials say you should especially be cautious of kids and pets pulling blankets near space heaters to keep warm.