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Highlights from Chipotle’s employee meeting on food safety

(AP) – Chipotle employees gathered in movie theaters and hotel conference rooms around the country to watch a presentation by executives about the company’s food safety procedures. The meeting on Monday came as Chipotle kicks off a push to rally workers and win back customers after being hit by a series of food scares.

The company also offered customers a free burrito, to make up for closing stores while the meeting was taking place. Customers could text the word ‘Raincheck’ to 888222 or by clicking here to receive their free burrito.

Here are some highlights of what employees were told during the meeting.DON’T WORK WHILE SICK

Chipotle noted that an illness can spread quickly and widely in restaurants, and urged workers to stay home if they’re experiencing symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. The company reminded employees it offers three paid sick days a year.

It also noted procedures for when workers get sick on site.

“When anyone vomits in the back of the house or the front line, this is a red event, which means we close the restaurant immediately,” said Gretchen Selfridge, a restaurant support officer.WASH, WASH, WASH THOSE HANDS

The company noted handwashing helps remove the risk of cross contamination. As such, it noted that employees must wash their hands at the top of each hour, as well at times listed on a “handwashing poster.”

Handwashing should last for at least 20 seconds, the company said, and be followed with an alcohol-based sanitizer. The two should always be done in combination.KEEP IT SPOTLESS

Monty Moran, co-CEO of Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., urged employees to ensure restaurants and bathrooms are spotless, since people associate cleanliness with food safety. He said it was more important than ever for the company to ensure restaurants are “super clean.”MARINATING MEAT

Steak and chicken are to be marinated after 8 p.m., after all other ingredients have been prepped and put away. The company outlined the steps for mixing the chicken and marinade, such as smelling inside the bag to check for freshness, and washing and sanitizing hands before putting on gloves to mix the meat.BLANCH AWAY

Lemons, onions, avocados and other produce that are chopped in the restaurants and haven’t been pre-washed need to be blanched for five seconds to kill germs.

Selfridge noted that the blanching should be exactly 5 seconds – “not three, and not 10.” Anything less than 5 seconds won’t kill microbes, and anything more would begin to cook the produce, she said.