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Illegal dumping in downtown Indianapolis caught on camera

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Needles, trash, sanitary napkins and an entire engine were all dumped underneath a bridge on the near east side of town in the middle of the day and it was caught on camera.  

In the middle of the day, two guys in a black pickup truck pulled underneath a bridge on Pine Street near Washington Street and College Avenue and unloaded. First, they took the mattress off and then a few more items from the top. Then the duo must have decided the unloading was taking too long, so they drove off and let the trash fly.

Dan Haines has surveillance cameras on his building that capture the trash men in action.  

“The engine was Friday around 4:20 [p.m.] and then this truck load of trash was Sunday about 5:30 [p.m.],“ said Haines 

The engine he is referring to was dropped off by a guy wearing a dark, sleeveless t-shirt and driving a white pickup truck. He pushed the engine out of the bed of his truck and took off. On Monday morning when Haines looked out the side window of his building, the road looked like a landfill. He mailed a bunch of pictures to the city office and then called the Mayor’s Action Center.

“It was difficult to get them to understand where it was. Then after two days of saying they are too busy and to call back again, then they put me on hold for a case number and I waited for 15 minutes and no one came back on, so I hung up,” said Haines 

Two years ago, I-Team 8 showed you the trash left under this bridge by a homeless camp. After our story, the city did relocate the camp and clean up the area. There is a sign put up by the city that says this area is subject to random and, if needed, daily cleaning by the city. I-Team 8 contacted the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services and asked them if they had plans to clean up the mess, they sent a statement  

“The Department of Business and Neighborhood Services is aware of and investigating this incident. We encourage anyone who witnesses illegal dumping to report it to the Mayor’s Action Center.”

Department of Business and Neighborhood Services

Haines has pictures and is more than willing to hand them over to the city, he just needs someone to call him back