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Interview transcript reveals new details in Delphi murders investigation

PERU, Ind. (WISH) — More than five years have passed since the murders of two young girls in a small Indiana town. Nobody has been arrested in the case but details have slowly been revealed about a man accused of using a fake online persona to speak with one of the victims prior to her death.

Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German were found murdered in 2017. No one has been arrested in the case.

Abigail “Abby” Williams and Liberty “Libby” German were found murdered on Feb. 14, 2017. Their murders are still unsolved.

In December 2021, Indiana State Police requested tips regarding a fake profile under the name “anthony_shots,” saying the creator of the profile was using pictures of a male model to speak to underage girls.

The next day, I-Team 8 uncovered court documents showing a man named Kegan Kline had been connected to the “anthony_shots” account and that law enforcement had been looking into him since 2017, just days after the murders.

Now, I-Team has received a transcript of an interview between Kline and investigators from 2020.

The interview transcript from a questioning in a child porn case reveals police believe two people were using the ‘Anthony_Shots’ profile. That’s the account being investigated by State Police in the murders of Abby and Libby.

The 194-page interview transcript between Kline, an Indiana State Police investigator and a deputy from an unidentified sheriff’s office also details some of Libby German’s final conversations, including some from the day she was reported missing.

Kegan Kline has not been charged in connection to the deaths of Abby and Libby. (Provided Photo/Miami County Jail)

The document was given to I-Team 8 by the founders of The Murder Sheet podcast, who have been following the case and obtained the court documents.

The interview was on Aug. 19, 2020, when police were arresting Kline on more than 30 child porn related charges connected to the ‘Anthony_Shots’ social media account.

During the interview, Kline admits using the account to get sexual photos and videos of underage girls.

Kline also says someone else had access to his accounts, but that name is redacted in the documents.

He also admits having contact with Libby German.

“You admitted that you talked to her for a few hours at a sleepover and then you blocked her because she was annoying. You remember that?” the investigator asks.

Kline responds saying, “You’re right yeah.”

Throughout the course of the interview, Kline denied exchanging photos and messages with German.

Eventually, a state police detective says “I’m telling you it’s fact you did, okay. Because the Anthony Shots persona that uh, the fake account you umm admitted to making communicated with Liberty German, on Snapchat umm on Instagram, and like I said it was not just for a couple hours.”

As detectives detail Feb. 13, 2017, the day Abby and Libby went missing, they tell Kline, “eight o’clock in the morning at your house, where you and your dad lived, two separate devices see the numbers here how they’re the same? Log in, log out. One device. Log in, log out. All within minutes of each other to the same Anthony Shots Snapchat account.”

The detective also tells Kline: “Regardless of what you say, there are two different authors of those messages. They’re not both you. They’re both your devices but the phrasing is different. It changes. It’s not the same person. So, we know we have multiple logins with Snapchat, we have two different people using Kik messenger, talking to people from your residence.”

Kline denied knowing who else might have accessed the account.

Detectives also point out a conversation Kline had with one of Libby’s friends after the murder.

“She said did you hear about Liberty. You respond on Anthony Shots, ‘O.M.G what happened?’ That’s talking to someone about the two girls that were missing then wound up dead.”

Kline responds, “right, I guess you’re right yeah.”

Investigators tell Kline that same girl who was messaging with Anthony Shots said Shots admitted he was “supposed to meet Libby (her), but she didn’t show up.”

A section of the interview also details Kline’s phone history, which in their words was “non-stop searches of the Delphi case.” Police also told Kline he was sending Snapchat messages to Libby after he was aware of her death, which he said he didn’t remember doing.

During the interview, Kline also twice references a polygraph test that he was given in the Delphi murder investigation, and both times indicates police told him he failed the test.

Investigators ask Kline, “why would you after you failed the polygraph about knowing about the Delphi investigation, come home, delete your Snapchat and your Instagram, which you used to communicate with Libby and then you searched, ‘how long does D.N.A last?’ Why would you do that?”

Kline responds, “I have no clue. I don’t know. Probably because they D.N.A tested me.”

Just before the interview ends, the detective reminds Kline that when he was asked if he knows who killed Libby and Abby, “you did say no both times in your polygraph and guess what, that was deception.”

Several times throughout the interview, Kline denies killing Abby and Libby. Kline has not been charged in their murders and neither has anyone else.

It’s also important to note that neither investigators nor Kline were under oath during this interview, and law enforcement is allowed to exaggerate facts during questioning.

Kline is due back in court on April 14. He faces 30 felony charges including child porn, child solicitation and obstruction of justice.

I-Team has reached out to Kline’s attorney and has not heard back.