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IFD holds smoke detector blitz

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Fire Department is taking steps to help ensure residents are prepared in case of a fire.

On Tuesday, IFD went out into the community for a smoke detector blitz. The event is the fourth in a series of six community-wide smoke detector blitz.

As part of Tuesday’s blitz firefighters went door-to-door installing smoke detectors in homes.

According to one IFD official, educating homeowners about fire prevention is also a key to surviving a fire.

“A lot of the fires that we’ve had are preventable. So, we’ll also be out talking to homeowners about how they can make sure their home is safe,” said Aleatha Henderson with IFD.

Representatives from the Red Cross were also on hand to help with the smoke detector installation.

Anyone needing a smoke detector can call the IFD Smoke Detector Hotline 317-327-6093.