Indiana man faces more charges in Facebook threat case

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) – A federal grand jury has issued a second indictment with more charges against an Indiana man accused of threatening to blow up a courthouse and kill judges in a Facebook posting.

Samuel Bradbury, 23, of Pine Village also claimed to run an anarchist group that commanded a couple to kill two Las Vegas police officers last June.

Bradbury is charged with threatening to use fire or explosives and now faces a new charge of maliciously conveying false information concerning the use of fire or explosives, the Lafayette Journal & Courier reported.

His defense attorney, Viniyanka Prasad, is asking a judge to reject the new charges she argues are redundant. She said it places her client at risk of being convicted on multiple counts for the same alleged crime. No judge had weighed in on Prasad’s motion to dismiss the new count as of Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, in a Tippecanoe County court, Bradbury faces four felony intimidation charges. His defense attorney, Brian Dekker, argues that those should be dismissed.

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Dekker contended in a motion last week that the crime of intimidation is defined as a threat communicated to a victim with the intent that the victim behave against his or her will. He argues that information leading to charges against his client lacks the elements necessary to show that any of the four victims had received notice of the suspected threats and caused them to feel fear as a result.

A hearing on Dekker’s motion is set for Friday.