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Ky teacher takes student with spina bifida on Indiana hike

Photo of Kentucky teacher carrying student with spina bifida. (Provided Photo/CNN)

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (AP) — A 10-year-old Kentucky girl with spina bifida got to hike through an Indiana state park on a class trip thanks to a teacher who offered to lend her his legs.

Shelly King wrote on Facebook last week that she was preparing for an “alternate field trip day” for her daughter, Ryan Neighbors, when fourth grade teacher Jim Freeman reached out with another option. News outlets report the Tully Elementary School teacher teaches the class next door to Ryan’s and offered to tote Ryan around the Falls of the Ohio State Park during the Friday field trip.

King said the act by the Jeffersontown teacher melted her heart because he wanted to make sure Ryan “got to feel like one of her peers.”