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Millennials increase RV sales in Indiana

MT. COMFORT, Ind (WISH) — The owner of Mt. Comfort RV in Hancock County said people ages 18 to 34 are some of the biggest consumers of recreational vehicles.

Many of these lavish vehicles, which come with kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, were once considered a luxury for the retired and are now in the mainstream.

“When you look at the millennials, they are much more outdoor people. They like hiking, they like boating, they like bicycling, and I think that plays right into what we offer here,” Mt. Comfort owner Ken Eckstein said.

The surge was fueled by the pandemic when people were desperate to get out of their homes, but travel by air, rail, and cruise were forbidden. When the lockdowns were lifted, a new emerging hybrid workforce kept buying RV’s.

“Because so many people work from home, if home can be on the beach or home could be downtown, why not be on the beach,” Eckstein said.

Surging gas prices earlier this summer and rising interest rates didn’t put a damper on sales. Eckstein said with so many people glued to their devices, an RV is more than just a mode of transportation, it’s a lifestyle.

“What we’re doing is selling a product that by design gets you away from that screen, gets you out with your family, with your loved ones, out with people, and you’re interacting in a very personal way,” Eckstein said.

A majority of RVs produced in the country are manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana.