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Kilroy’s downtown location temporarily closed

Kilroy’s in downtown Indianapolis temporarily closed

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A popular game day spot downtown is temporarily closed during one of its busiest times of year.

Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill located at 201 S. Meridian St. is closing its doors for several weeks to address major construction that needs to be completed.

“Unfortunately we have had some severe flooring issues that have been lingering for awhile,” said managing partner Chris Burton. “We have been putting them off for as long as we could and we finally just had to get it done.”

Management knew the work would have to be done soon but didn’t plan on the timing of the construction to force the restaurant to close for the Colts’ home opener.

Wednesday marked the first day of construction to try to quickly fix the issues.

“Well we were hoping to get it done in the summer but we had some logistical issues and figuring it out between us and the landlord and insurance company things like that,” said Burton.

The construction is expected to take between two and four weeks.

“We did not want to shut down for the first two home Colts games but, couldn’t wait any longer so had to get in here and start working. As you can see,” explained Burton.

Football season is one of the bar’s biggest times of year for business.

“I was there for a local Colts game. It was super packed, people everywhere like a non-stop party,” said Brittney Hopwood.

According to management the work just couldn’t be put off any longer.

“It’s an old building. It is 100 years old probably,” said Burton. “It was renovated probably 15 years ago or so to be condos and a restaurant that was here before us. It has definitely had some wear-and-tear and has had some mileage put on it.”

Fans are hoping for a smooth project so they can get back into the bar as soon as possible.

“I am extremely bummed that it won’t be a spot, their bread sticks are amazing,” said Hopwood.

But when that time comes customers may not notice much of a change.

“Unfortunately people may walk in and not see a big difference in anything because it is all behind-the-scenes, it’s all flooring it is just structural stuff that really needed to be done,” said Burton.

Management says the hope is to be reopened before the Colts play the Texans for the first division game Oct. 20.