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LIVE BLOG: Delphi murders suspect hearing as it happens

Delphi Fort Wayne Hearing


Video of hearing available above.


The judge resets another court date for October 31st and dismisses the hearing.


Allen is not in the courtroom and has been transported back to Carroll County. The judge is discussing a new trial date.


The judge announces that Allen’s attorneys have confirmed with the court that they are withdrawing from the case.


The judge has entered the courtroom and the hearing has begun.


Attorneys have entered the courtroom, we appear to be close to starting.


Guards are milling around outside the courtroom in our video feed. Waiting for Richard Allen to be brought into the courtroom. We’re told the judge will enter 10 minutes later and start the proceeding.

Previous story

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Richard Allen, the man accused in the 2017 Delphi murders, is expected at a Thursday status hearing in Fort Wayne.

The special judge, Frances Gull from Allen County, will for the first time allow cameras inside her courtroom during Allen’s status hearing. News 8 will be allowed to stream video of the hearing 30 minutes after it begins and national coverage of Allen’s hearing is expected.

“The Delphi case generated substantial public interest and cameras will help ensure its integrity,” Gull, who was part of a pilot project that eventually led the state to allow cameras in the courtroom, said.

Recent evidence leaks have prompted Allen to defend his defense attorneys, filing a memorandum this morning.

Allen made the request in a court filing Thursday morning ahead of a scheduled 2pm court hearing.

As I-Team 8 reported earlier this week, Indiana State Police are investigating a leak of evidence and documents in the case, including gruesome crime scene photographs.

News 8 will live blog the proceedings in real time and stream the hearing on a 30 minute delay, per the judge’s order.