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Local group aims to help fight crime across Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A local group is helping fight crime across the city of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Rick Hite says it is part of the city’s partnership with Peace Learning Center.

The mission of the Peace Learning Center is to educate, inspire and empower people to live peacefully. It’s one of several partners helping the department focus on reducing crime in six key areas of the city.

The meeting took place at John Marshall High School on East 38th Street. Students there had the chance to take part in Tuesday’s meeting.

“We have to be clear, we are going to make downtown safe, as we always have. But we also have to recognize that our young people need to have opportunities with Juvenile Justice Jeopardy and talk about decision making in the household. What is expected of you as a child, a young person and what is expected of you when you encounter police, is as equally important,” said Hite.

The Peace Learning Center works directly with schools, community nonprofits, businesses, juvenile correctional facilities and faith groups to facilitate peace education sessions.

The center also works with families and kids to teach conflict resolution and mediation.